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Yoda knew it: It’s tough to get your dream job. Especially in VFX and feature animation. The competition isn’t sleeping, so better start preparing now and find out how we can help you fast track your way into the industry.


There is a bigger demand

for VFX than ever before.

VFX are an essential part of today’s cinema. Be it spectacular action sequences and alien worlds in Hollywood blockbusters, subtle and almost invisible set-extensions in historical dramas or fully digital feature animation movies. Not to mention modern advertising as well as TV shows.

This ever growing workload is the reason why VFX companies are always on the lookout for new talent all over the globe.

And this is where the VFXbootcamp comes into play!


It takes a team of specialists, both artistic and technical, to overcome the creative challenges. What part of the process are you most passionate about?

FX simulation

fluids, magic, explosions and fire – TDs create and simulate any physical phenomena


combining all the practical and cg elements of a shot to create the final image

creature FX

building cloth, muscle, skin, hair and fur systems for more realism and belivable interaction


bringing creatures and machines to life by hand keyframing and/or motion capture techniques


visualizing everything from worlds and creatures to spaceships!


seamlessly creating or extending sets with full CG environments and/or digital matte painting

layout and previz

framing new shots, solving cameras and match moving to blend with the cinematopraphy

lighting and rendering

actually turning numbers and polygons into believable images that fit into the scenes


the creation and application of realistic, physically plausible textures and materials to all cg objects


the management and coordination layer that keeps schedule and budget on track


the technical backend that ensures the flow of data and gives artists the tools they need

Kong: Skull Island (2017), Legendary Entertainment / Warner Bros.


The whole idea behind the VFXbootcamp program is to help you get your foot in the door and move on to where you want to be as fast as possible. Our goal is to provide information, resources and career advice we ourselves would have loved to have when we started out in the VFX industry. Whether you want feedback, advice to land your next job, learn a new software, pick up a workflow or just want to keep in the loop with the industry: We got you covered!


one on one career advice

Get in touch with someone working in your desired department, receive honest demo reel feedback, application tips and ask questions directly.


Let’s build a community

After years in the industry we have friends in all kinds of companies and positions. And so should you! It’s important and helps a lot, trust us.


Free and Premium Tutorials

It is essential that you keep on top of your game. That’s why we explain techniques and workflows that are used in production every day.


Things you should know

Here we share and discuss industry news, events, jobs we hear about, articles and other interesting stuff. All non-confidential … obviously.

Meet The Team

We are a group of friends / actively working artists, TDs and producers that met on different shows at different companies and stayed in touch ever since.

Christian Bohm


Christian was born in Berlin, Germany. After graduating at the Filmakademie in 2014 Christian started his career as a Lighting TD at ILM London in 2014. While working at MPC Advertising he got in touch with Houdini in 2016 with the VES nominated "Heineken Trailblazers". He then decided to change his focus to become a full time FX TD. During his whole career Christian worked as a lecturer and has a passion for teaching. He was teaching Maya for 5 years and does Houdini courses for over 2 years now.

Dennis Müller

Lighting TD

Dennis Müller was born in a small town in the northern part of Germany. In high school, he discovered his passion for movies. He started making short films with his friends in front of a home made green screen in his basement. This led to different job opportunities as a compositing artist for music videos and commercials in Berlin. Later, he went on to study at the renowned Institute of Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. During his studies, he specialized in lighting and compositing. So far, he has worked in New York, London, Los Angeles, Capetown and Vancouver for studios like Buck, MPC, Triggerfish Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Currently, he is working as a Lighting TD at ILM Vancouver.

Carl Schröter


Carl was born 1988 in a rural town in central Germany and fell in love with films and computer games very early in his life. This led to an ever growing interest to combine art and technology which evolved into the career goal to work in the movie industry. Following A-levels his way took him to Berlin where he was briefly engaged in making mobile games before joining the ‘Babelsberg Film Studios’ to gain experience in TV post production. After his military service he was accepted into the Animation Institute of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg where he focused on digital compositing. During his studies Carl won several awards which gave him the opportunity to work on numerous international commercials in London before he graduated. Subsequently he was hired by major VFX companies like Framestore and Double Negative before joining the compositing team at Industrial Light & Magic where he is currently involved in several feature film projects.

Don’t worry, there are more of us.

Eye Candy

Take a look at some of the work our mentors were involved in.

Moana Lighting 1:12

Watch some of the spectacular work Dennis did for Disneys Moana.

Bumblebee Trailer 2:22

If you into are into giant robots duking it out, maybe give this a watch.

Carls ’17 Demo 1:41

Why is this so old you ask… idk, but you can check it out nonetheless.


Let’s analyse your current demo! Order and selection of shots, length, contact info, breakdowns and how to make it the best demo for the job, so you stand out from the rest.


Nuke is where it all comes together. We’ve got an interesting series lined up, so stay tuned! In the meantime: let us know what you would like to learn.


Want to amp up your FX skills? Stay tuned for our Houdini series where we take some interesting effects, break them down and explained how they were made.

Dunkirk (2017), Syncopy / Warner Bros.


Roll up your sleeves, work harder, get straight and honest feedback. There is no way around it to get stuff done.


Pick up some tips and tricks to custom fit your application. Get to where you want to be - as fast as possible.


Sit back, smile and give yourself a pad on the back when you see your name in the credits of your next favorite movie.

It's your turn to make a move

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